Amino Acid Powder GOLD EAAMINO Kevin Levrone

Amino Acid Powder GOLD EAAMINO Kevin Levrone

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Kevin Levrone Gold EAAmino (390g.) With sweeteners.
 Kevin Levrone Gold EAAmino is an indispensable product for every serious athlete.
 This product is from the latest Kevin Levrone Gold Line series and is a source of high quality essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. In addition, the product contains 5.9 g of EAA (L-lysine HCl; L-threonine; L-phenylalanine; L-methionine; L-histidine; L-tryptophan) in a dose of 13 g.
 Kevin Levrone Gold EAAmino additionally contains electrolytes, 0 g of sugar and has no calories.
Each 13g serving of Kevin Levrone Gold EAAmin contains: (9.7 g) mega amino acid doses, of which 3.7 g BCAA, 5.9 g EAA, 500 mg coconut water and 300 mg potassium and 60 mg magnesium.
 The advantages of the Kevin Levrone gold line / gold EAAmin are as follows:
  Pack of 30 doses;
• High content of essential amino acids;
• Added electrolytes and minerals;
• Does not contain sugar
• 0 calories per serving;
• Increases strength;
 Reduces muscle loss;
• improves hydration;
• improves recovery;
• Helps increase lean muscle mass;
• Incredible berry taste;
 The Kevin Levrone Gold Line / Gold EAAmino is suitable for both casual and professional athletes. Provides large amounts of the body’s most important amino acids, especially after strenuous exercise.
 Nutrition declaration:
Serving Size: ~ 1 teaspoon (13 g)
Servings per container: 30
Amount per portion 13 g
SIZE: 390 G
FLAVORS : ORANGE (5 Pieces) – Grape Fruit ( 4 Pieces)
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